Thursday, June 25, 2009

Learn How to Play Easy Piano Songs

A tutorial on playing easy piano songs may be hard to find, but can be found at most music stores that sell instruments. You can sometimes find free sheet music online to start to learn by. Some things I would recommend doing to begin would to first learn how to find each note on the keyboard.

Once you find middle C it is rather easy from there. Middle C to the piano is like a core to an apple. It is where everything sometimes ends up and works around. A lot of songs are played in the key of C.

When learning to play easy piano songs they usually start you off with the key of C and then you go around the keyboard learning various keys. The sharps and flats are sometimes hard to understand, I would not mess with those until you feel very comfortable with the other keys.

The sharps and flats are the black keys in the middle of some of the white keys. I like to think the sharps sound a little chipper compared to the flats. Although the sharps and flats can be confusing they make songs sound that much better to listen to when being played.

I suggest playing easy piano songs with no sharps or flats and working from there. Just keep working on practicing and learning different steps to enable to you to keep moving on to more challenging things. Then you will be able to play some wonderful pieces for your family in no time.

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Play Easy Piano Songs!

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